Inspection & Expediting

We offer THIRD PARTY INSPECTION SERVICES based on our rich experience in this field to serve the various industries in the best way. Final quality control (QC) at the vendor’s / Contractor’s location & site with all International/Domestic/Manufacturing/Safety codes & various specifications as desired. Audits and certification of final documentation are examples of QA functions. Oil & Gas/Fertilizer/Cement/Power/Pulp & Paper/Piping/Defense/Nuclear Plants/Steel Plants/Pharmaceutical/Breweries/Food/Sugar, and so on. Pressure vessels, heat exchangers, towers, agitators, boilers, plant and machinery, cooling towers, and safety equipment are all examples of industrial equipment that we service.

Benefits of Working with Fabtech

In the Inspection and Expediting Services industry, we have over 15 years of experience in India and around the world. For the duration of the contract, our expert engineers will be available to you on short notice and direct payroll. QCP/TP, Manufacturing codes and specifications, as well as standard engineering practices and qualification documentation, will be used at all stages. All stages will be by QCP/TP, Manufacturing codes and specifications, as well as standard engineering, practices, and qualification documentation.

 We Provide the Following Services:

  • Vendor Inspection.
  • Shutdown operations.
  • Expediting Services.
  • Inspection Manpower.

We Depute Following Personnel:

  • Pipeline Inspector
  • Welding Inspector
  • Electrical/Instrumentation Inspector
  • Tank Inspector
  • Coating Inspector
  • Material Inspector
  • Environmental Inspector
  • Civil QA/QC
  • APL Inspector
  • NACE Inspector
  • CWI Inspector
  • AWS Inspector
  • NDT Auditor / Inspectors – Level I, II, and III

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